Advice on the Initial Emergency Response Person Duty

1. Arrive early (0800 – 0830hrs), visit VGS and enter details (Name/Club/Mob Tel no) in Airfield Log (the red book).

(Don’t forgot that flying doesn’t start until 09:00 on Sundays. Tip: 08:45 is fine for Sunday duty)

2. DI fire vehicle, open hangar doors and position fire vehicle outside the hangar.

3. Be available in case people (HAC/HMC) wish to fly before the Chilterns or VGS commence operations.

(maybe some early circuit work. Tip: Write name & Tel No on whiteboard in HAC Ops Room….it lets everyone know who you are)

4. When the Chilterns pull-out be sure to ‘catch’ the Chilterns Duty Instructor and handover the fire vehicle and IER responsibility to him.

Remind him to speak with VGS to transfer responsibility in the Airfield Log. (Or speak directly to the VGS. May be problematic if they are on the far side of the airfield!).

(The Chilterns may not certain of the correct procedures and will be thankful for a positive handover).

5. Feet up or fly…..the time is yours until late afternoon.

6. The Chilterns should finish operations around 17:00. Chilterns will return  the fire vehicle to 3 hangar and IER responsibility will revert back to you.

(Call the VGS on the radio (they are Halton Radio, you are Flyers Base, and advised them of the transfer of IER responsibility back to you, and asked them to annotate the airfield log accordingly.)

Summary reflection.

There is understandably, a little uncertainty due to the ‘newness’ of the role, and it pays to be very clear about handovers….and recording such.

Otherwise…..not at all painful.